Product Description

Klaus Bendixen 60 20 45 46

Do you want to help develop and maintain TELE-POST's Mobile Core Network in Greenland?
You will have a key role in securing the quality of networks and running projects ensure the future og telecommunications in Greenland. 
Become af part of TELE-POST's DEV environment and help identify bugs on complex telecom systems and networks.

With about 400 employees, TELE-POST supplies the population of Greenland with telecommunication, IT and postal services. With the newest technology in the field, 92% of the Greenlandic population has access to 4G/LTE and VoLTE. As a part of the business strategy, TELE-POST is carrying out a number of exciting new projects, transforming Greenland into a digital society and continously developing the mobile network, new projects could be IoT or/ else 5G.

You will be a part of the Core/Access/IMS Department, organized under the IT & Technical Division in Nuuk. You’ll have an important role in continuing the development of Core and IMS networks as well as connected services in a complex network. You’ll work closely with colleagues across the organization and have influence on the further development in your field. In the position you will primarily work with:

  • Implementation, integration, debugging and maintenance of Ericssons Mobile Core Network.
  • Roaming tests, integration and debugging of network issues on other telecom systems.
  • Regulative aspects.
  • The upcoming implementation of 5G services on the network in Greenland. 

You will have a really exciting and important task, making sure the vision of the digital Greenland is achieved. You’ll meet at professional organization where Danish and Greenlandic is spoken during daily business. However, English is becoming more normal as a working language, e.g. at project meetings and meetings with external partners. TELE-POST believes that differences between people will develop and strengthen the team and make sure everyone does their best to ensure the supply of telecom services. 

Your passion and motivation means that you work with commitment and spread good energy to your colleagues. You’re comfortable with deadlines and we expect that you have:

  • A strong technical background and education as an engineer og similar.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience with mobile core/IMS systems and Telecom.
  • An understanding of the architecture of mobile systems and complex Telecom networks.
  • Experience with IPv6 and IPv4 as well as complex Telecom networks.
  • The ability to work from at solution- oriented perspective to logging at code level when implementing and when debugging. 

It will be a clear advantage if you have experience with Ericsson systems but experience with Nokia or Huawei is also applicable. We expect you to have strong language skills in English, both written and oral. Speaking Danish is an advantage but not a demand. Knowledge of Greenlandic is a plus. 

We are continuously evaluating incoming applications and are looking forward to receiving your application as soon as possible. If you questions about the position you are welcome to contact Senior Consultant, Klaus Bendixen, at or +45 60 20 45 46.